Me and Photography

I love photography. I love so much taking panoramic views and I enjoy taking macro-photographs.

What do you guys think about the photos below?

These are some of the pictures that I’ve taken using my Galaxy Note 2, few months back. I assume that some of you might have seen one of those in my Instagram Account. Check it out if you haven’t.

I realized that, since there was no post in this blog for the last couple of weeks due to my super busy-ness with lot of things that need to be settled, I’ve decided to start my June post with photos. And I apologize for the late entry.

 And in this month of June as well, I’ve taken a few courageous steps by entering some online photography competition and it kind of blew my mind. Even though some of them are still running on before the deadline comes, and some of it has already close and I did not win the competition, I can tell you that I’m stoked with my performance, I mean, the photo that I’ve sent. Can you imagine, just one night, my photo jumped from rank 2000 plus to rank 279, Just for a night!

They vote for my photo! yeay!

I not really care bout winning yet but to be voted as top 300 pictures among 2000 plus contestant, it blew me away!

This picture ranked 279. Thank God. Alhamdulillah.


This picture below is another category, architecture, that I’ve entered and yet still counting before the deadline comes. Feel free to click the link below and leave a comment about the photos. Thank you in advance.


And this one also was another category that I’ve entered, under macro category. Please vote for me. I’m climbing the ladder rite now and I want my photo to be listed as top hundred if you guys think the picture is awesome. To me it is!



Until then. Love ya!