Photo-blogging: Ride to the Big Bike Gathering 2013 at SIC


Stop at Petronas Gas Station before heading to SIC


Arrived at the main entrance (I guess) where all the big bikes was gathered. My Duke 200 humbly park amongst other monstrous bikes (yet the bikers were all friendly!!)


Before #selfie even existed! Lol.


I’m super stoked after meeting other KTM Bikers at this event! They simply welcomed me to join the herd. After all, I’m KTM Bikers too!


Cool Muscle Bike. A Beast!


A beast and his owner!


Getting ready for round two!


Ready to Race!


Getting some refreshments at the nearest local restaurant after the event. Pretty cool bike isn’t it!


Road-blogging: Let’s Ride1!!

It was a sunny Sunday morning, where the sun shines so bright, the birds’ chipping and no sign of bad weather coming that morning. After having a fine and delicious breakfast cooked by my mom, I’ve asked her if there’s anything she wants me to help her with and she said, she’s fine.

It was about 9.30 a.m. that I told her that I wanted to go outside, having a go with my new bike, which I’m super excited to test him!

I’ve no idea about where should I go at first but then, I realized that I’ve always thinking and craving the idea of taking pictures of a nice and beautiful scenery of a beach or any amazing view as I love taking pictures.

The fact that I have the bike that would take me wherever I wanted to go, making me super stoked!!

Lucky me, my hometown was situated in a quite strategic location where numerous of important places for example the local town, the urban city of Bandar Baru Bangi, Kajang and even Kuala Lumpur, as well as other cities and villages at the south part was just a few kilometers/miles from us and not to mention, my hometown was just a few minutes (approximately 20-30 minutes) from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and the Sepang International Circuit (SIC).

Thanks to the new alternative highway (LEKAS Highway) and the old one (PLUS Highway) that connecting all the important cities to my hometown.

I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to ride to Bagan Lalang beach that takes about 50 minutes from my house. Get all the stuffs that I need in a mid size pouch bag. Suited up. Pair of shoes. And my Icon leather hand glove ready tucked in my hands.

As I switched on the bike to get ready for the trip, my mom had asked me where would I want to go and I told her about the trip planned. My mom then suggested me to go to Sepang circuit (which is just half of the way to go to the beach – took me about 30 minutes), and who knows there would be some events over there?

In an instant, I changed my mind and off to Sepang International Circuit.

It was happened in about a year ago where I just got my bike, a KTM 200 Duke (literally 2 days earlier), I unexpectedly managed to join, one of the biggest event I would say, Malaysia’s Big Bike Gathering Event held at Sepang International F1 Circuit.

The event was named ‘Biggest & Loudest Bike Gathering 2013′ because at some point of time in the event, the organizer had asked all of the bikers to test the sounds of their bikes, unleashing all the beasts’ growling sounds for a couple of minutes to be recorded in the Malaysia Guinness Book of Records.

Not just that, all the bikers, regardless of their CC’s (the size of the engine) be it 200 CC like mine or even the touring and muscle bike of thousands above CC’s (should imagine how big that type of bike that was) as well as the vast ranges of bike’s name! (even some of them I just heard that day!, say what!?) we also had the chance to roam inside the pit stop (place where all the riders will need to stop for a couple of second for checking before continuing their race -we used to watch this in tv), and for the most part, the best part, is that all the bikers have got the chance to go and play around and test every corner of the circuit for two laps!!! (what I assume to be the dream of most of bikers out there)

Frankly speaking, I’ve got no idea that day about this event and its name, until I got home, and I would say, I’m so lucky (because I thought I ought to have a ticket to enter for such event!) to have the chance of a life time, to join such a big national event, despite all the sweats and heat inside the circuit.


Along with other KTM Bikers. Thank you guys for allowing me to join the crowd. I’m having so much fun that day!

Am looking forward for such event! I bet some of the bikers out there have some first experience as well just like mine!?

Some official video by other group that I found on the internet:

First Post: Expedition begins!

It was March the 3rd, 2014. Monday.

That day was the day that I’m gonna start my teaching at my beloved university, The Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. I’m gonna meet my own students, my juniors to be exact, as they all were just a few years younger than me, the undergrad students, sophomore year (2nd year). 

Excited. Curious. Scared. All that kind of mixed feelings running inside my stomach. Yet, I enjoyed it so much.

When I stand in front of the class, I still could not believe who was there before me. My students. 


First day teaching outfit

To become a teacher or a lecturer was something that I would say, at the very least of my goals in my career. It’s not that I didn’t think about it at all. No. But, the idea was never cross my mind at this early 2 years after graduating from the university.

My plan in career was to  become an officer (that eventually will become a senior in just a couple of years) in the financial sector under the private’s, in a span of time about 5 years at least. However, His plan was the best, for He is the best of the planners.

“..and Allah is the Best of the planners” [8: 30]

Long story short, after about two years working in the private sector at one of the leading banking institution here in Kuala Lumpur, the idea to start a new career come to my mind and the positive feeling to push it forward was so intense.

Frankly speaking, the idea of changing a new career, for I just starting to build a good reputation as a fraud analyst at the bank, was not as easy as ABC, because the decision that I have to make was all closely related to my family and I as well as my future family.

“Greater the risk, the greater will be the return” 

The journey of finding a suitable career that I would say, I’ve passion with it, has gone through a series of events and a deep reflective and careful thought before I jump into action. It took me several years of expedition in finding what should I be when I grown up, and the journey was predated the date above. It was all began during my school time where I started to think, what I would like to see my self in 5 to 10 years time in the future, based on my own capabilities at that time.

I’m not a ‘risk-averse’ type of person that afraid to take risk. No it’s not. It’s just that, I need to wait for, and have the patience for the right time and the right moment to come. I knew it would come someday.

And I keep praying day and night to Him the Almighty to grant me for that moment to come.

And I would say, my patience was paid off. Alhamdulillah.

Just before I leave my house for work that Thursday 19 of December 2013, afternoon, I’ve received one important phone call that would determine my future career. Could it be a new episode in my life, a new journey I supposed? A phone call from HR of USIM. The call that I’ve waited for quite sometimes. Alhamdulillah.

 As I end the phone call, I knew that this day would have come sooner or later. An interview session was set place a week after the call. An interview for a graduate scholarships program where the scholarship holders will gain a benefit of being sponsored for the whole journey of getting their Masters and PhD done be it locally or abroad as well as getting their position secured after getting back from studies, as a lecturer there in USIM (even though they said, it depends on the vacancies, I knew that insyaAllah there will be plenty of vacancies).

With a thankful feeling that afternoon, I traveled for work with my KTM Duke 200 with thoughts flying on wings, thinking about the event that will occur next week. I knew that I have to score this. I have to win this fight to secure my position as the fellowship holder.

Nilai - Kuala Lumpur travelling to work

During those days. Daily travel from Nilai to Kuala Lumpur (50KM) for work

And Alhamdulillah, Praised be to Him, on the 9th of January 2014, I’ve received another phone call, again from the HR Dept confirming that I’ve passed the interview session and being accepted as the Fellowship Graduate of USIM and they asked me to retrieve my official letter at their office. Alhamdulillah.


The Official Letter

From that point of time, I’ve put a tremendous effort in preparing myself for the greater risk that I’m gonna take, to end my first career in my life after graduation, that is submitting my resignation letter AKA tender my resignation.

Yet it is all His work. Allah’s plan. We plan and Allah also plan. And indeed His plan was the best plan ever for me.

After tendering my resignation, I knew that this is not gonna be easy for me as I have few commitments financially, however as a risk taker, I knew that the action taken was the right one and that would results in a greater return in the future.

And as for now, I’ve been offered by the  Head of the my program, Dr. M to fill in a slot as a part time lecturer here in USIM and currently I’m teaching a course, Computational Techniques in Mathematics offered for the second year students of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Meanwhile this is just a part time lecturer, I’ve offered myself to quite a number of tuition center as to fill in my free time while there is no class at the faculty just to fill in my free time as well as to gain an experience in teaching and to find some extra money.

After all, I would become a lecturer eventually after comeback from my studies which is expected to be started this Fall term (September 2014).

InsyaAllah, by His will, this upcoming August will be my last month here in my hometown Nilai and especially with my family, as I will be travelling to the United States at the end of the August. I will start my graduate study to obtain my Master in Actuarial Science at the Boston University in Massachusetts, insyaAllah.

Surely there’s gonna be so many interesting events that I’ll definitely share with you guys, my family, friends, here, for the span of two years plus time over there. So bear with me while I tell you my journey.

Until then, that’s it for now.