New Personal Record

run1The final class was ended today (before final exams)  and as per agreed with my students, the class finished within 2 hours and less. As the class ended quite early, I managed to drop by at the university’s sports center and give it a go the 400m track.

It was a cloudy day. The sun shone not so bright. And I know that, my subconscious mind sometimes will come to a decision that today was not a fine day to run, and I’ll end up not running today, but hey! I will never let my spirit down because of that cheap excuses!?

Earlier afternoon, I’ve planned to bring along my running gear to class so that I can make some light running around the campus if it is not raining in the evening. And Thanked God, Alhamdulillah, it wasn’t.

Before I get started, I placed all my belongings in one safe place, switch on my running apps (I’m happy with the new apps mentioned in my previous entry – Run Keeper) and plug in my Sony earplug (which I just get used to it because previously I’m not).

Today’s running was an easy one for me as the track was just flat and actually I’m used to run on it because back on those days, I’m a track runner, a sprinter (100m, 100x4m, 400m).

Today’s obstacles was just me and the windy weather in that evening compared to the other running tracks that I’m used to, where I have to hike a few hills and the elevation was quite high. I’m having so much fun running on the track today. And my running pace was quiet stunning as well! I made it in just 5 minutes per kilometer which is far less than the usual!

And what makes me even more happier is that, I broke my last record and in fact, it was beyond my expectations! In just 13 minutes, I managed to finish a 2.5 km running, just another half kilometers to go to reach my goal, 3 km running below 15 minutes! The fact that I managed to achieve this new record was nothing if I did not push myself to the limits.

However, there was a time, during my running today, some kind of feeling or thought in my head saying that, that’s enough, don’t push yourself, you are slow down a bit or stop. That was the time where I have to fight all the negative thoughts and never let my guard down. I keep myself forward even if it was a damn slow pace and keep coaching myself saying, yes I can, just I little more forward, keep moving and don’t stop until the finish line!

All I know is that, no body else could change and would do it for me. It’s my fight, so I’ve to fight for it.

And yeah, Alhamdulillah, Thank God, I almost reach my goal and am looking forward to set a new goal in the future!


Weekly training: Running review


I’ve ran in this shoes for quite a distance and it still in good form!

It’s been a couple of months since my last 10K running competition that I’ve joined that push me to work harder day by day in order to get myself fully prepared for the event. And then after that, there was no serious running that I’ve joined except for maintaining my strength and body fit.

For the past few weeks, I’ve set a goal in my weekly running to run a 3K running below 15 minutes in which I know that it was not an easy task. But yeah, nothing is impossible.

During my first attempt in reaching the goal, I could only reach 1.5K   non stop running and the rest of it, I was just walking which it was not awesome! And the time recorded was about 15 minutes! Barely a run!?

But hey! I’m not freaking out over the result! Or should I? Nah, I don’t think so.

I optimistically know that some day I will eventually conquer that or even managed to go beyond that limit.

And Alhamdulillah, just few days later, I managed to run a 2.4K in just 17 plus minutes. Not very satisfying but, yeay! I managed to push myself a kilometer ahead.

Then on the Saturday morning, I push it a little further but still a 2K runs. I achieved 16 minutes, with a 7:55 minutes pace per kilometer, recorded by a free android apps named Runtastic Apps that I just installed it the other night to be tested. I planned to break the record that evening however it was heavy rain that day and I postponed it for the next  day.

The next day I ran in the evening, I managed to maintain the pace of my running and finished a 2K running in 15 minutes. I then realized that, I can push it a little further next time and indeed I am.

Today, I achieved a new time record for a 2.24K in 14:52 minutes with average of 6:38 minutes pace per kilometer, recorded by a new apps, the Run Keeper.

I now I have to train harder for the upcoming 12 K trail running at the end of June just like I did for the other running events.

Keep healthy, train hard and pray hard. Let’s push ourselves to the limit! I will keep you updated and see you around insyaAllah.